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Denise and Larry Too Capone


Thankyou Dr.Mauer!, Our “pseudo child” Capone suffered a partial tear of his ACL tendon and also
discovered arthritis in his hips. He was in agony — crying and unable to bearany weight on his back leg. We knew it would be very difficult for him and us to handle the 2 month recooperation process needed for surgery.

You told us, and sooo patiently, explained stem cell therapy to us. With research and the high re-injury rate post surgery we opted for the StemCell therapy.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE in our dog… Within a week he was feeling a little “too good”. trying to overdo.

Now, two and a half weeks later —no limp, definatley no pain and stamina has returned. We are singing Stem Cell therapy to all who will listen.

What also is great is that Capone has 5 to 6 more stem cell injections available for later use, if needed, (arthritic pain).

Thanks again for giving us our spirited dog back — minus at least 2 years of wear and tear..