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Kristin Forrest


Kristin Forrest’s Testimonial for DeeJay ( 2yr. Old Lhasa Poo)

On the evening of June 2nd, 2014 all of a sudden DeeJay started limping and not using her left front leg. The following morning I took her to her veterinarian office, they performed an x-ray which revealed she had a bone chip floating around in her elbow. I was told she needed surgery, but they did not perform that surgery there. Her Doctor then found some doctors that could perform the surgery. It was pure luck that we found Dr. Mauer.

We brought DeeJay to see Dr. Mauer a couple of days later. Dr.Mauer examined her and took some of his own x-rays. He then told us that he felt she was a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. He explained to us what it was, and how minimally evasivethe procedure is. Hetold us that if we chose to go with surgery she would most likely end up arthritic. We took his information and did some of our own research Most of the research I found was on soft tissue injuries or joint issues, but we decided to try Stem Cell therapy (espescially because she wasn’t even 2 yrs. old yet). We figured the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work and then she would have to have the surgery.

After the procedure she immediately was using her leg again, and not limping at all. A few days after surgery she was back to her usual self (full of energy) making it very hard to keep her calm to allow the cells to do their job. But They Did! DeeJay is back to doing everything she loves to do. In September, three months after her procedure Dr.Mauer took another x-ray, and it almost looks like nothing ever happened, bone chip gone, and new bone started to grow on her elbow.

So Amazing! Thank you Dr. Mauer!

Kristin Forrest