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Mike Moncilovic


Dear Dr. Mauer,

I wanted to sit down and take the time to write you an appreciation letter as well as a testimonial on behalf of my English Lab Benson. Most labs are very kind and precious dogs but Benson is a special dog he has a very warm heart, he’s very gentle with every other dog that comes near him and he’s loved by his family very much which we would do anything in the world to better him or take care of him in anyway possible.

Benson was born March 31, 2011 and we took him home at nine weeks of age and cared for him ever since. At the age of six months we noticed Benson was having some pain in his front elbows in which we consulted a doctor here in town and he had elbow dysplasia surgery. After a couple years he still continued to have a gimp in his walk and when he played very hard and swam he was very sore afterwards. We didn’t know what to do as we consulted with Dr. DeGroff at Cheyenne West animal hospital, which then she referred us to Dr. Mauer. After sitting down and consulting with him I was sold the minute he mentioned stem cells, he went into a very detailed orientation how the procedure worked and what our expectations would possibly be by the outcome of doing the stem cell treatment.

10 days after Bensons stem cell treatment he wanted to run like a greyhound, he wanted to play like a normal Labrador, he wanted to run and chase his older brother Boston terrier and younger sister Boston terrier all day long. He has never slowed down since then. I was so amazed with what the stem cell treatment had done for benson, I then started researching it on the Internet read a few articles, and thoroughly was amazed with what Dr. Mauer is doing with stem cells. I had to go take my Boston terrier in for his annual shots and I ran into Dr. Mauer after educating myself very thoroughly about stem cell and I was so amazed and interested in what it had done for Benson I asked Dr. Mauer if I could View from beginning to end on how this treatment procurers from start to finish. I spent eight hours at Cheyenne West and witnessed and observed with the permission of the owner’s dog that was having a stem cell procedure done and I was beyond blown away on how detailed and meticulous he was in caring for the lab that was receiving stem cell that day.

Nothing went by him or his assistant without being completely and thoroughly STERILE IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, including the procedure room and the room where the stem cells are spun down and turned into an injection form. I would highly recommend anyone that is having joint, arthritic, pain issues in any of their animals bones or joints to consult with Dr. Mauer in discussing stem cell treatments being done on their animals. I have arthritis in my ankle and cannot wait for the FDA to approve stem cell you’re in the United States to be done on humans because if I can have done to my ankle what was done to Bensons elbows I’ll be the first one to try it.

Sincerely Mike Moncilovic