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Ruby Martin


October 24th, 2014

To all prospective Dr. Mauer Clients:

Brandie is soon to be 10 years old in Dec.2014. We brought Brandie to Dr. Mauer because she had hurt her back right leg. Dr. Mauer looked at the X-Ray and stated that she had a compromised ligament (not a tear yet) but recommended surgery. We were all set to do the surgery that following Monday but started talking to him about stem cell placement, as he had briefly mentioned it when we first met him.

After much discussion, we opted to do the stem cell placement the following day. On Tuesday September 30th, Brandie had Stem Cell Surgery. In removing the fat from her abdomen, Dr. Mauer discovered that she had a spot on her liver. he decided to postpone the stem cell placementuntil the biopsy came back concerning the liver.Dr. Mauer also removed a cyst near the back of Brandies neck.

We brought Brandie home and were told to keep her from jumping and playing. Note , that we did give Brandie 1/2 of a pain pillwhen she was first brought in to see Dr. Mauer during the last week of September prior to the surgery, but it seemed to make her disoriented, so we didn’t give her any more pain medication.

On Friday, October 3rd, we received a call from Dr. Mauer stating that the spot on Brandies liver was not cancerous and that we could proceed with the Stem Cell procedure, which was performed on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 We picked up Brandie at approximately 2 pm. that Saturday and was told to keep her from jumping and playing for two weeks.

Brandie has never indicated that she was in pain and, as of this writing, she is like a new dog. She jumps and plays with her playmate, Mollie. She has always had a good appetite even after her procedure. I must also mention that Dr. Mauer stated that the spot on Brandies liver was most likely an auto-immune disease and that the Stem Cell placement should greatly help with that.

Ruby Martin – Las Vegas, Nevada