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Ruby Martin

October 24th, 2014

To all prospective Dr. Mauer Clients:

Brandie is soon to be 10 years old in Dec.2014. We brought Brandie to Dr. Mauer because she had hurt her back right leg. Dr. Mauer looked at the X-Ray and stated that she had a compromised ligament (not a tear yet) but recommended surgery. We were all set to do the surgery that following Monday but started talking to him about stem cell placement, as he had briefly mentioned it when we first met him.

After much discussion, we opted to do the stem cell placement the following day. On Tuesday September 30th, Brandie had Stem Cell Surgery. In removing the fat from her abdomen, Dr. Mauer discovered that she had a spot on her liver. he decided to postpone the stem cell placementuntil the biopsy came back concerning the liver.Dr. Mauer also removed a cyst near the back of Brandies neck.

We brought Brandie home and were told to keep her from jumping and playing. Note , that we did give Brandie 1/2 of a pain pillwhen she was first brought in to see Dr. Mauer during the last week of September prior to the surgery, but it seemed to make her disoriented, so we didn’t give her any more pain medication.

On Friday, October 3rd, we received a call from Dr. Mauer stating that the spot on Brandies liver was not cancerous and that we could proceed with the Stem Cell procedure, which was performed on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 We picked up Brandie at approximately 2 pm. that Saturday and was told to keep her from jumping and playing for two weeks.

Brandie has never indicated that she was in pain and, as of this writing, she is like a new dog. She jumps and plays with her playmate, Mollie. She has always had a good appetite even after her procedure. I must also mention that Dr. Mauer stated that the spot on Brandies liver was most likely an auto-immune disease and that the Stem Cell placement should greatly help with that.

Ruby Martin – Las Vegas, Nevada

Denise and Larry Too Capone

Thankyou Dr.Mauer!, Our “pseudo child” Capone suffered a partial tear of his ACL tendon and also
discovered arthritis in his hips. He was in agony — crying and unable to bearany weight on his back leg. We knew it would be very difficult for him and us to handle the 2 month recooperation process needed for surgery.

You told us, and sooo patiently, explained stem cell therapy to us. With research and the high re-injury rate post surgery we opted for the StemCell therapy.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE in our dog… Within a week he was feeling a little “too good”. trying to overdo.

Now, two and a half weeks later —no limp, definatley no pain and stamina has returned. We are singing Stem Cell therapy to all who will listen.

What also is great is that Capone has 5 to 6 more stem cell injections available for later use, if needed, (arthritic pain).

Thanks again for giving us our spirited dog back — minus at least 2 years of wear and tear..

Terri & Fernando Gamboa

Dear Dr Mauer,

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for your special care and expert treatment of our most favorite pet. Our pets are very dear to us, they are part of our family.

The surgery you did on our Australian Sheep Dog gave him the ability to enjoy the rest of his life running around. He went from being crippled and in pain to being happy, young and vibrant again and that’s saying a lot for a 14 year old !

You gave him another chance at a happy and active life which was very important to him and to us.

We will always appreciate you for your knowledge, expertise and competent handling of our beloved pet. You always treated both us and our pet in a very personal and caring way, we felt that you cared as much about him as we did.

Please feel free to share this letter with other pet owners as we mean this with full sincerity and you may share our phone number with anyone who would like an excellent reference on your services.

Yours Truly,

Terri & Fernando Gamboa

Kristin Forrest

Kristin Forrest’s Testimonial for DeeJay ( 2yr. Old Lhasa Poo)

On the evening of June 2nd, 2014 all of a sudden DeeJay started limping and not using her left front leg. The following morning I took her to her veterinarian office, they performed an x-ray which revealed she had a bone chip floating around in her elbow. I was told she needed surgery, but they did not perform that surgery there. Her Doctor then found some doctors that could perform the surgery. It was pure luck that we found Dr. Mauer.

We brought DeeJay to see Dr. Mauer a couple of days later. Dr.Mauer examined her and took some of his own x-rays. He then told us that he felt she was a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. He explained to us what it was, and how minimally evasivethe procedure is. Hetold us that if we chose to go with surgery she would most likely end up arthritic. We took his information and did some of our own research Most of the research I found was on soft tissue injuries or joint issues, but we decided to try Stem Cell therapy (espescially because she wasn’t even 2 yrs. old yet). We figured the worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work and then she would have to have the surgery.

After the procedure she immediately was using her leg again, and not limping at all. A few days after surgery she was back to her usual self (full of energy) making it very hard to keep her calm to allow the cells to do their job. But They Did! DeeJay is back to doing everything she loves to do. In September, three months after her procedure Dr.Mauer took another x-ray, and it almost looks like nothing ever happened, bone chip gone, and new bone started to grow on her elbow.

So Amazing! Thank you Dr. Mauer!

Kristin Forrest

Mike Moncilovic

Dear Dr. Mauer,

I wanted to sit down and take the time to write you an appreciation letter as well as a testimonial on behalf of my English Lab Benson. Most labs are very kind and precious dogs but Benson is a special dog he has a very warm heart, he’s very gentle with every other dog that comes near him and he’s loved by his family very much which we would do anything in the world to better him or take care of him in anyway possible.

Benson was born March 31, 2011 and we took him home at nine weeks of age and cared for him ever since. At the age of six months we noticed Benson was having some pain in his front elbows in which we consulted a doctor here in town and he had elbow dysplasia surgery. After a couple years he still continued to have a gimp in his walk and when he played very hard and swam he was very sore afterwards. We didn’t know what to do as we consulted with Dr. DeGroff at Cheyenne West animal hospital, which then she referred us to Dr. Mauer. After sitting down and consulting with him I was sold the minute he mentioned stem cells, he went into a very detailed orientation how the procedure worked and what our expectations would possibly be by the outcome of doing the stem cell treatment.

10 days after Bensons stem cell treatment he wanted to run like a greyhound, he wanted to play like a normal Labrador, he wanted to run and chase his older brother Boston terrier and younger sister Boston terrier all day long. He has never slowed down since then. I was so amazed with what the stem cell treatment had done for benson, I then started researching it on the Internet read a few articles, and thoroughly was amazed with what Dr. Mauer is doing with stem cells. I had to go take my Boston terrier in for his annual shots and I ran into Dr. Mauer after educating myself very thoroughly about stem cell and I was so amazed and interested in what it had done for Benson I asked Dr. Mauer if I could View from beginning to end on how this treatment procurers from start to finish. I spent eight hours at Cheyenne West and witnessed and observed with the permission of the owner’s dog that was having a stem cell procedure done and I was beyond blown away on how detailed and meticulous he was in caring for the lab that was receiving stem cell that day.

Nothing went by him or his assistant without being completely and thoroughly STERILE IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, including the procedure room and the room where the stem cells are spun down and turned into an injection form. I would highly recommend anyone that is having joint, arthritic, pain issues in any of their animals bones or joints to consult with Dr. Mauer in discussing stem cell treatments being done on their animals. I have arthritis in my ankle and cannot wait for the FDA to approve stem cell you’re in the United States to be done on humans because if I can have done to my ankle what was done to Bensons elbows I’ll be the first one to try it.

Sincerely Mike Moncilovic

Stella Jones Postcard

Dr. Mauer,

Stella is doing so wonderful, Thanks to you. She is walking great and is actually building up her thigh muscles again. She barely ever needs pain meds and is excercising regularly.

You were absolutley Amazing patient with us and so compassionate and loving to her.

We can’t tell you how appreciative we are. We took Stella to Colorado for a week and she did awesome.

Thank you So Much

Love Stella Mitrie Jones (and her parents)

Las Vegas, Nevada