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The Science

The Science behind Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Given the right conditions, Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) found in adipose tissue, have the ability to differentiate into cell types such as cartilage, bone and muscle. Endothelium, pancreatic cells, bone, myocardium (heart muscle), liver and neural cells can also be induced given the right conditions in an animal’s body. Changes can be seen in vivo when ASCs are transplanted into tissue environment different than their own origin. Adipose tissue is harvested from the thorax or falciform area of dogs and cats or by a liposuction technique in equines. General anesthesia is required for small animals but a sedative is all that is required for horses. The tissue is then broken down using patented Medistem™ enzymes, filtered for sterility and washed with a mild antibiotic to get the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), or Medivet Regenerative Cell Fraction (MRCF). Compared to other sources, ASCs found in the collected adipose tissue can range in the millions per unit of measure. The breakdown of cells found in the Stromal Vascular fraction is as follows:

Analysis of the SVF and the derived AT MSC population by using a cytological,
flow cytometrical (FACS) and in vitro assay
• Haematopoietic CD45 cells (9%)’
• Monocyte progenitor CD14 cells (11%)
• Early committed progenitor and mature granulocyte /monocyte CD13 cells (6%)
• Haematopoietic CD90 stem cells (29% ) (marker also expressed on connective tissue)
• Early lymphohaematopoietic stem and progenitor cells CD34/CD133 (7%).
• Endothelial cell-associated markers, including CD31, CD105 and CD146
• Endothelial CD45/CD146/UEA-1 cells (8%)
• CD271 Cells (0.6%)(Include bone marrow stromal cells, follicular dendritic cells, and mesenchymal cells involved in mesenchymal-epithelial interactions)

Coupled with the ease of collection this makes harvesting 1st generation stem cells a superior alternative than previous stem cell therapies that relied on bone marrow collection. Historically, bone marrow derived stem cells can take days or even weeks to culture to ‘therapeutic levels.’ Autologous transplant of adipose-derived stem cells poses an extremely low risk to the patient when completed under strict aseptic conditions. At this time MediVet believes autologous transplant to be the safest and most effective treatment for osteoarthritis, tendon injury, ligament injury and fractures.

LED Light Activation of the MRCF

Low-level light photo-activation can be utilized for significant benefit in the stimulation for enhanced proliferation, differentiation and induction of growth factors and cytokines from cells of any organism. When adipose-derived stem cells are removed from fat tissue using MediVet’s patented enzyme most of the cells are in a dormant, non-dividing state. To be activated within the body there is a repair mechanism cascade that must be activated in order forthe stem cells to circulate through the body and begin differentiation into new tissues. Activation for 20 minutes with MediVet’s patented 3 color light stimulates the cells to initiate repair from the moment the cells are injected into the animal’s body.